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Sick of seeing other guys sport a lean body year round whilst making it look easy?

Want to know how creating the fittest and strongest version of you isn’t that difficult when you know how?

NOW is the time to take action and finally see amazing results.

This article is for men who have slowly creeped out of shape and are determined to get back to their best.

If you’re annoyed by the contradicting over complicated advice out there, only to find yourself losing a few pounds when trying your best, before piling them all back on again you must read this. 

In this free blog, I’ll reveal the three things you can do today to lose weight and keep it off without ever having to diet again.

Ask yourself –

  • Am I embarrassed with my body at the moment?
  • Am I in worse shape than I was 2, 5 or 10 years ago?
  • Do I feel physically weak and unfit?
  • Am I worried that my girlfriend or wife no longer finds me attractive?
  • That I won’t be fit enough to play with my kids soon?
  • Would I love to get in the best shape of my life so my friends would be shocked and jealous and ask what I did to achieve this?

If you answered “yes” to any one the above, then please keep reading.

I know that right now, having a body you can be proud of, with strong shoulders defined pecs and a ripped stomach probably seems like a pipe dream.

And that’s natural.

But I assure you, in this article you’ll learn the 3 tricks that any guy aged 25 to 40 needs to know to get an athletic, lean physique.

All whilst keeping the nutrition and training plan as simple as possible.

Yep, no more confusing low carb, low calorie bad tasting super hard to stick to diet plans!

I would never use these so wouldn’t ask you to!

Read on to learn more.

Diets don’t work for You

You probably tell yourself that you’re one of those people that diets don’t work for.

And it’s true.

Throughout my 10 years in the health and fitness industry I’ve seen this first hand:

Men who try the whole eating healthy thing, only to never achieve a body they love, or the physique that all their hard work deserves.

I feel your pain.

Quite frankly, it SUCKS when you put so much effort into sticking to your low-carb, low-calorie, clean eating diet, when you only lose a pound or two, and then pile all the weight back on as soon as you go back to eating normally.

It seems for the lucky men out there, dieting is a breeze.

Heck, they don’t even need to diet – they seem to get into amazing shape through training alone.

But there are men out there, especially those in the 25-40 age range, for whom traditional dieting methods simply don’t work.

It doesn’t matter how often you go to the gym …

What fat-burning supplements you take …

How low you cut your carbs …

Or how clean you try and eat …

Nothing seems to work.

Worse still, you feel so restricted on a diet that it has a huge impact on your social life.

You can’t go out for meals with your partner, have a drink with your mates, or celebrate birthdays and family occasions with fear it will mess up your diet.

(It shouldn’t be like that!)

But what are you to do?

Give up dieting forever and just accept a life of being overweight, unhappy and hating your physique?

It’s incredibly sad, but lots of men are doing this and just accepting it is how it is.

All I wish was that they had the three tips I’m about to share with you that can finally help you lose that stubborn body fat, drop pounds, and get your dream body.

Are you GUILTY of any of the following …

  • Doing hours in the gym every week
  • Cutting carbs from any or all of your meals
  • Feeling guilty for having a ‘cheat’ meal at the weekend
  • Guessing not measuring that your losing fat
  • Trying to avoid grains, sugars, gluten or dairy?
  • Using a fat-burning supplement
  • Trying to our train your diet


If so, don’t worry.

All these are incredibly common with men trying to get lean, but none of them are the correct way to go about fighting that stubborn fat,

Cardio might burn calories, but it does very little for the way your body looks.

Do you think the guys on the cover of mens health or the instagram fitness fellas you can’t help but admire eat a diet they hate every day and only do cardio?


The fitness models who I know personally don’t actually do much cardio at all.

And its because, they all use the three tips I’ll be revealing very shortly.

Cutting out food groups might seem like a good way to get lean and ripped, but trust me, it’s not.

See by cutting out carbs, or dairy, or meat, or sugar, or gluten, all you do is create monstrous cravings, which you can only stave off for so long.

This leads us to …

Cheat meals.

Cheat meals boost your metabolism, right?


Cheat meals are the fastest way to regain any weight you’ve lost, and make yourself bloated, fat and sick.

It’s possible to gain 2 to 3 pounds of fat from just one day of binge eating on your diet.

These, along with all the other mistakes above are among a whole host of reasons why diets have never worked for you before.

Now, this isn’t your fault:

The diet industry has been lying to you.

But I want to fix that. Keep reading to discover …

Muscle gain and fat loss mistakes can include not eating enough, trying to base your diet around protein, following an advanced body part split, paying hundreds of pounds/ dollars per month for supplements, and so on.

3 GUARANTEED tips to help ANY guy lose stubborn body fat and drop pounds without … you’ve never seen a weight loss diet like this before.

My methods might seem crazy.

But I promise you, they’re backed by science.

It’s just that they don’t hit the mainstream as they’re not designed to make you part with any cash.

They can all be done completely FREE.

Plus you can start them as soon as you finish reading this article.


  • Weight loss is brought about by a calorie deficit and NOT by any specific foods as much as the media tells you. Multiplying your body weight in lbs by 14-15 is a great way to see what the average calories your body maintains its weight at.  From here you only need to drop calories slowly to see weight loss.
  • Weight loss and a calorie target is the first thing you should be aiming for, the second is a protein target. To find this you should consume a gram of protein for each lb of bodyweight that you weigh. Example a guy weighing 180 lbs should eat roughly 180 grams of protein.
  • Once calories and protein targets are understood the only training you need to concentrate on is lifting weights. IF you want to do cardio to burn more calories this is fine, but we are already in a calorie deficit so all we want to tell our body is to burn fat and not muscle. This is achieved perfectly by lifting weights 3-4 x per week

Once I started using these simple, but massively overlooked methods with my own clients, the results were staggering.

What you have here is 80% of what you need to know.

I guarantee that if you start using these 3 tips right this very minute, you’ll see visible changes in your body within 1 to 2 weeks.

Thing is, there’s more.

I’m not saying you need this extra.

Unless that is, of course, you want to achieve your fat loss goals faster, easier and without the stress of potentially making physique-killing mistakes.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds learning how to lose stubborn fat as fast as humanly possible, while eating foods you love every day.

I’ve invested in coaching and training to ensure I get my clients results that last.

Like I said, you can try everything yourself, and maybe get there, maybe not, or you can keep reading to see if you’re a good fit for what I’m offering …

Introducing LIFESTYLE LEAN, my online coaching fat loss blueprint.

The #1 way to …

Live a lifestyle you love which gets you strong, fit and dropping fat week in week out without feeling like your even on a plan.

Now, before I reveal just how you can gain exclusive access to my online coaching service, let me be clear:

This is NOT for everyone.

I’ve had people apply/ invest before who haven’t been serious.

They’ve not really wanted to achieve insert goals.

And that’s okay, because not everybody is ready to commit to finally making a change and grasping hold of their perfect body.

My guess though, is if you’re reading this, you are.

So let me tell you what’s involved with my Lifestyle lean fat loss system:

  • Your full personal nutrition targets taken care of with sample meal plans to create the simplest way of dieting.
  • Shopping list for your personalised plan and supplement advice if needed.
  • Training programs I have developed that are guaranteed to take you from whatever point you are now to being one of the most confident and strongest lifters in the gym.
  • My own personal APP that we share everything together on from meal plans to full video demonstrations of exercises to photo updates to an internal messaging system.
  • Access to me throughout the plan 24 hrs a day as your own personal trainer if you have any questions you have always wanted to ask.
  • Check ins with me weekly where we evaluate how you are doing, manipulate the diet if need be and progress the training plan to continue building strength and fitness.

The question on your lips …

How much does it cost?

Let me answer that:

The full value of what I’m offering is ….

A bespoke workout program – £100

24/7 access – £200

A personal diet plan – £80

Full video access to my exercise library – £120

That’s a total cost of £500 per month.

But through this page ONLY, you can gain access to online personal training to help you achieve your fat loss goal for just £225

Still on the fence?

Think of it like this –

How much do you pay for coffee every day?

How about your monthly TV subscription?

Meals out?

Junk food?

I’m not saying for one minute that you have to give up any of these, and in fact as you know, I’d encourage you to keep living your life while losing weight and reshaping your body.

But what I would say is currently, all those things above are making you fatter and more miserable and costing you much, much more than my Lifestyle Lean system.

When you click the button below, you’ll immediately be taking a step towards your perfect physique.

Just picture it –

You’ll look brilliant.

Mates will ask how you did it!

The girl in your life will love that you’ve took it on yourself to get in amazing shape.

Your kids will no longer be embarrassed to be seen with you.

And most importantly, you’ll finally feel confident in your own skin and have this body your ultimately proud of.

What’s more, you can do all of this without having to ban your favourite foods, and with a training system that will get you stronger than you’ve ever been.

Here’s what happens as soon as you take action and invest in your health and happiness today:

  • I will teach you the best training routines to develop muscle, burn fat and get you back to the leanest you’ve been.
  • I will create a nutrition plan that has you eating high volume meals so that you won’t feel like your on a diet at all.
  • I will be keeping you accountable throughout, you don’t get results then I don’t get results.

What’s stopping you?

Think about it –

Are you 100% happy with your physique at the moment?

Do you like carrying around those extra pounds?

And is trying different diets something you want to be doing for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?

If not, you know what to do.

With my 100% money-back guarantee, it’s completely risk-free too.

As long as your doing what I say, I have zero doubt you will achieve your goal.

In the incredibly unlikely situation that you’re not completely happy, I will cancel the program at any time.

What’s it to be?

Invest now and start seeing immediate results, or go back to your low carb diets, your expensive supplements and your cardio classes, see no results only to come back here in 2 months time more miserable, more depressed and 5 to 10 pounds heavier?

The choice is yours …