About me

About Mark Ross

I’m a fitness and performance enthusiast who has been coaching clients over the last ten years, pursuing my passions with body composition, strength training and transformations.

Whilst studying in America through a football scholarship I quickly picked up the fitness lifestyle and more importantly learned how to get the body in the best shape possible to increase performance in important areas of life, both physically and mentally.

After university I then moved on to play professional soccer before flying back home to the UK. I threw myself straight into the fitness industry with personal training and as many qualifications possible. I couldn’t wait to start helping people, and since then have never looked back.

This passion for the industry took me into coaching clients from all walks of life from TV stars and athletes, who want to be in the best physical shape possible, to the general public who just want to just lose weight, improve health markers and get strong.

On a personal level I’ve always trained to keep my body lean, fit, and athletic. I’ve never dreamed of being huge or over muscular, I want to look great in clothes whilst still having lean muscle that turns heads when on the beach. This is also the approach I take with my clients physiques, with more and more client requests wanting to look like they lift weights when naked, but at the same time be able to compete at a sport, run a charity race or try a ‘tough mudder’ style challenge event.

To achieve this I use my unique and mixed background of learning history. From a young age I followed bodybuilding and physique training religiously, whilst simultaneously playing a high level of sport. Over the years I’ve learnt how to combine the two to create a unique style of training I can call my own, one that has transformed 1000’s of people’s lives and one that will have your body performing just as amazing as it looks!

My Methods

My passion brings me to here, wanting to help more people learn how to achieve their body goals and teaching them the basic, need to know principles that will get them there.

Regardless if your looking for a full physique transformation or wanting to improve strength and speed for sport, I believe keeping things as simple as possible with nutrition and training produces the best results every time.

With social media the information out there at the moment is both amazing in some areas and down right absurd in others, I want to sieve out and teach people only the need to know facts that will not only get you from A to B (dream physique) but will get you there in the fastest time, with you enjoying the process every step of the way.

I believe that you should still be able to live a normal life which includes socialising and still get the results you’re after, the old stereotype of super strict doesn’t work anymore and my clients and teaching ways over the years have proved this.

Be it through my articles, social media, online plans or private coaching I hope you can take something away that will help you progress towards your goals, thank you.